It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

​"Fix The Village And Save The Children"

​"For every child to look in the mirror and see their best friend created in the image of our Creator"

Our power


Who  Are We

  • Our Dollars
  • Our Votes
  • Our God
  • Our Love


We are women from all walks of life, housewives, accountants, psychologist,  etc the list goes on. Some of us jog at least three miles a day, Tai-bo with Billy Banks, acrobatics with Donna Richardson, go to the Fitness Centers two or four times a week or walk to the beat of our favorite tune

 We will spend our dollars where we choose, cast our votes where they work for us and take care of business at home; we are committed, heart mind and soul.  The only thing we are asking for is that the words of our mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in sight of our Creator.

We are taking the word, (can’t) to another level.  We can’t be stopped; we can’t allow our sons to continue killing each other as if they are animals and its hunting season or taking their on lives in the suburbs.  We can't allow our children to be left on the shoulders of the information highway while our schools and society fail them. 

GMW: We're the hands that rocks the cradle which is now speaking so that the hands that's burying our children in general  and our sons in particular can be put to better use; the problems our children face are huge, the price is high and non-refundable, the currency is their lives. The magnitude of their problems scares me half to death but I would gladly give my life if it would eliminate any one of the problems they face; we have a blue print: Over 50 years ago Rosa Parks sat down as one woman and changed a nation, now we must stand up as women united with our  power, our love, God, dollars and our votes, and make it better. City Hall has a part to play, its called politics; we have a part to play and its called love.


" Grandmothers, Mothers, and Women Saving Our Children"