Drugs, Guns And Suicide
Grandmothers, Mothers and Women, (GMW) black lives matter as well as all life; but our children of color is having a most difficult time from Guns

Adults are stockpiling guns to protect themselves, and taking drugs to cope with the stress of everyday life; our children are emulating us because they are afraid and stressed also. They are getting theirs illegally and being destroyed by them, and by each other. Gun and Drugs,

GMW we expect more from the men and women in uniform; we trust them to protect our children. Let me say this: Good Police Officers please don't get offended, "but you know what we talking about!!!

GMW, we have to put feet to our words, and get involved in fixing our villages.

We're having our next  GMW meeting This Saturday at 6:pm @ my house; if you're interested in helping make a difference, join us. Let me know and I'll give you more details.

In order to travel around the  world you have to make the first step. We have lit our Candle of Love, and it will continue burn for children and cities.​