Grassroots’ Alternatives to Violence:

  1. We must join forces in an ongoing effort to promote strong families, education, health-well-being, and economic viability for our city’s most vulnerable children, youth and families. Our coordinated efforts can make a difference by:
  2. Mending dysfunctional families, reinforcing marriage commitments, and strengthening single-parent households. Providing access to early childhood education (third grade reading scores should no longer provide data for the construction of prisons, but for colleges instead; thus, putting the cradle-to prison pipeline out of business). We need to teach our babies who are having babies-parenting skills to stop the negative generational behaviors.
  3. Building up our brothers and sisters, so they have no need to use drugs or alcohol as a crutch to get the through the day.
  4. Mentoring our young men, growing up in this world without options and the hope that goes with them. The best bet can often seem like the alternative economy of the street.

We must create communities where our children can be all they can be by:

  1. Empowering our neighborhoods to provide better opportunities in educational, economics, health-care and accessible transportation..
  2. Eradicating the underground economy of drugs, guns and other nefarious behaviors in so many of our urban communities, so it doesn’t have an opportunity to flourish.
  3. Ensuring that our urban communities provide safe recreational facilities for our children that are conducive to their development and socialization from 2:00pm to -8:00pm Mondays through Fridays.
  4. Maintaining clean schools and neighborhoods, shows our children that we care.

GMW is aware that the structural cause of violence is poverty, unemployment, and insufficient education:

  1. ​The Collaborative Forces needed to accomplish the daunting task of saving our children are:
    1. Parents
    2. Guardians
    3. Schools
    4. Faith and community based organizations
    5. City government and reformed x-offenders.

Youth that are most likely to be involved in gun violence need to be specifically identified and target. Life skills opportunities should be provided for extremely: difficult to serve youth and young adults:

  1. Those between the ages of 14 and 25 are most at-risk for being involved with and/or directly impacted by gun violence in our city.
  2. We must find a way to work with students facing suspension for violence, youth on probation for violence, and youth detained, before they are court involved.
  3. Identify individuals that are actively involved in gun shooting and killings in Norfolk, and determine if they are gang leaders. Provide facilitators who have had similar life experiences, who can mentor in an environment that teaches and provides opportunities for pro-social behavior through healthy problem solving tools.
    1. Conflict resolution;
    2. Anger management;
    3. character development;
    4. Life skills training; with the intent of fostering resilience to the risk associated with violence.

Utilize the priceless resource in the persons of reformed ex-offenders. The City of Richmond, one of the most violent cities in California, established such a program with its Reformed X-Offenders; in order to tackle the problem of Type your paragraph here.

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​Grandmothers, Mothers & Women Saving Our Children
Grassroots Cause of Violence and Alternatives

Fix the Village and Save the Children

It has been determined by epidemiologist that violence behaved like an infectious disease:

  1. The pattern of shootings conformed closely to those of an infectious outbreak.
  2. Clustering in specific areas spreading from person to person.
  3. Either because one infects the other or two or more people share the same environment.

The germ of violence incubates:

  1. Via families, peers and neighborhoods.
  2. Through television, video games, music, and movies.

 The disease is transmitted by the germ of:

  1. Bad information and instruction
  2. Bad advice and bad example, that may be perceived by youth as being just the opposite.

The greatest predictor of violence is exposure to violence:

  1. The disease appears as techniques to survival when in fact, the opposite is true.
  2. The infected youth do not survive, they only learn how to die or go to prison.

 GMW's grassroots solutions must begin with working to change:

  1. Beliefs and attitudes.
  2. Values and actions that promote violence.

This will require a comprehensive coordinated efforts on the part of the Village:

  1. Parents, guardians, schools, faith and community-based organizations.
  2. Social service providers and reformed x-offenders.
  3. Mayors, city councils, judges, prosecutors, social service providers, law enforcement officers.
  4. Crime victims are all critical to reducing violence in our communities.

Our Mission

"Fix The Village And Save The Children"