Our Mission

"Fix The Village And Save The Children"

It Grandmothers, Mothers & Women Saving Our Children we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world. But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and use your power.  Your vote, dollars, love and God. 

Fix the Village and Save the Children


It really sadden me to say, "(our president) Donald Trump, is not a part of the solution to this country's problem. He's the leader of the problems." His wife made a statement against the tragedy in Charlottesville today before , him!!  His Johnny come lately Speech regarding the Charlottesville disaster was more like an inept afterthought. No other president of this country would have waited as long to address a serious situation that had the endorsements of hate groups like the kkk, white nationalist, neo Nazi and other hate groups, causing injuries to over 30 persons and killing 3 three. Our president showed no backbone, he couldn't standing up to the hate groups. The Chicken image of him  on the White House lawn, I'm sad to say, is reflective of the character of the man occupying our Oval Office.
 When Trump was forced to sign the Sanctions against Russia, the media was not invited. With the backdrop of today's tragedy, he wanted the world to see him signing a document for veteran, (a group who was willing to give their lives for what our constitution stands for) he belittle the event.
Donald Trump and his party has total  power to govern our country right now. It is totally responsible for what's happening in Charlottesville, Va. Because the Executive Branch is headed by: D. Trump; The senate, headed by: M. McConnell;  the House headed by: P. Ryan.  The man in the executive branch started this problem, and has been allowed to continue the  divisiveness rhetoric. The Executive Branch has become a detriment to our country, the House and Senate is responsible, the buck stops with them. Donald Trump in not capable of governing and  everyone knows it, except congress.
The  leaders of the house and Senate made statements against the violence,  now they need to start taking action, to impeach Mr. Trump!! The man is a danger to the United States and what we stands for. The Indians are the only Native American; the rest of us are immigrants.
Americans in general and GMW in particular, needs hate groups like the kkk, white nationalist, neo nazists and others hate groups, to be called out by a our president,  as hate groups that will not be tolerated. America will implode on itself before going back to what these groups are espousing. America, ' we're better than this. The Declaration of Independence states the principles on which our government, and our identity as Americans, are based. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.On behalf of Grandmothers, mothers and women everywhere, I'm praying for each of us to get involved and let's become the United States of America. Use your power: Vote, Dollars, God and Love. 

Use Your Power:  Your Dollars,  Vote, God  and Your Love.