The Making of a Juvenile Delinquent

This is a picture of a Juvenile Delinquent, Baby Eric, with no last name. He's fourteen (14) years old now. I wonder if his pipeline has him going to the 9th grade in September when school starts again; or is he in one of our mega jails or prisons where we spend over $167,000 a year to keep him because now he's inventory for the Mega Prisons that we're building all over the country to generate jobs in those out of the way places where it's almost impossible for their families to see and encourage them.

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Here’s a nice way to capture memories for your grandchildren.


Fix the Village and Save Our most vulnerable Children

our most important assess is our health, and attitude about how we feel. 

Use Your Power: Your Dollars, Vote, God  and Love

Our Mission

"Fix The Village And Save The Children"

Starting at home

We agree with the Children Defense Funds Vision of ending child poverty. We must ensure all parents and caregivers have the resources to support and nurture their children: jobs with livable wages, affordable high-quality child care, supports for working families like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, and safety nets for basic needs like nutrition and housing assistance. We must also ensure every child in our rich nation has access to high-quality early childhood development and learning, comprehensive health coverage and care, and quality pre K-12 education so all children can reach their full potential.


The daily death by guns has ranked our city of Norfolk among the 30 most violent cities in America.
Drugs overdose of heroin and prescription drugs has increased 94 percent in the Hampton Roads Area.
Suicide is now the third leading cause of death in youth, ages ten (10) to twenty-four (24) years.
The problems our children face are huge the price is high and non-refundable and the currency is their lives.